ORG Portfolio Management LLC offers the services below to institutional investors on a full retainer or unbundled basis. ORG can serve in a fiduciary capacity pursuant to ERISA requirements.

Strategy Development and Portfolio Design

  • Policy Development and Review
  • Manager and Partner Search and Selection
  • Investment Manager Due Diligence, Selection and Monitoring
  • Portfolio Construction and Implementation
  • Portfolio Rebalancing and Implementation of Tactical Opportunities
  • Fee Modeling and Negotiations
  • Leverage Policy, Strategy and Implementation

Performance Measurement

  • Manager and Funds Database
  • Performance Reports for Portfolios and Investments


  • Global and Domestic Markets
  • Market and Investment Opportunities
  • Global Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Structuring Techniques
  • Summits and Symposiums
  • Private vs. Public and Strategic vs. Tactical
  • Commingled Funds and Separate Accounts
  • Real Estate, Timber, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Infrastructure